During The Funeral

The funeral is the coming together of people to support the family, the public outpouring of grief and a chance to celebrate the life of the deceased.

It establishes the significance of the person who has died, not in the numbers or lavishness of the event, but in the relationships.

Funerals are evolving. They used to be solely a function of the church as a ritual, whereas now they tend to reflect the life of the person who has died.

We listen to the family’s wishes and ensure the funeral is appropriate and relevant.

This can range from no service, to a service at the beachside or in our chapel, or a church service.

To discuss how you would like the funeral to be, please contact Gary Pickering.


The venue you choose will be determined by the type of service you want and the number of people you expect to attend. You could choose from:

  • the Village Chapel at Gary Pickering Funerals
  • the family church
  • a Club: Chartered, sports or other
  • a community hall
  • at home
  • woolshed or farm building
  • outside, public places or picturesque spot – out in the open-air or under a marquee
  • a vineyard or an orchard

We will be happy to discuss with you a venue that best suits your needs.

Officiating Person

You can choose from a wide range of people to officiate at the funeral:

  • your parish minister or priest
  • a celebrant
  • a friend
  • a family member
  • no particular officiating person – you may wish to have a family discussion around the casket

We can assist you in making that choice and recommend a celebrant from our list of experienced of celebrants.

Service Sheet

Service sheets are a beautiful way of providing a personalised permanent record of the funeral.

They can include the words of hymns/songs and who officially participated.

A service sheet can include an invitation to the reception and/or the cremation or burial.

Memorial Book

This provides an opportunity for everyone to record their presence and becomes a record of attendance and of the service.

There is provision for people to add comments if they wish.

Our memorial books are a record of your loved one and the funeral service, with photographs and mementos included.


Your choice for music may include:

  • all singing
  • some singing
  • a soloist or group
  • pre-recorded music
  • a piper, bugler or organist
  • or any combination you would like.

Music may also accompany a photo tribute, the processional and the recessional.

Photo Tribute

Images are a powerful way of expressing tributes to the life of the deceased.

A photo tribute is a collection of typically 50-60 photos which runs for 5-6 minutes and can be accompanied by relevant music if desired.

The photo tribute can be created from images supplied in jpg, pdf or hard copy formats.

Funeral Reception

Gary Pickering Funerals – photography 2021

After a funeral service, families generally gather to spend time with the people who are there to support them.

The Village Chapel provides the convenience of a service and reception at one well-appointed location, with catering to meet the family’s requirements.

The catering facilities allow people to stay together after the funeral, which is often a therapeutic time for the family of the deceased.

Video – Live Streaming

It isn’t always possible for everyone to attend the funeral in person and sometimes the emotions and distractions mean you can miss all that happened. A video record that you can watch later or send to family and friends can ensure that everyone can share the feelings and tributes expressed at the funeral.


We can arrange professional video services to provide you with a permanent record on DVD or USB. The recording is edited and formatted as required (different parts of the world can use different formats). You can have as many copies of the DVD/USB as you wish.

Live streaming

This service can be provided from The Village Chapel at Gary Pickering Funerals, and at many venues around the Wairarapa by specialised providers.

Whether friends and relatives are near or far but can’t attend the funeral they can experience the funeral service as it happens via the internet.