About Us

As a leader in professional service, experience and qualified expertise, Gary Pickering Funerals will make a difficult time easier for you.

With Gary Pickering Funerals you will receive all of the services you would expect from a modern funeral director. Over my decades of service I have helped and served families in Masterton and throughout the Whanganui and Wairarapa regions, forming many friendships along the way. Gary Pickering Funerals has its company offices, reception lounge, viewing room and chapel on the corner of Waltons Avenue and High Street, Kuripuni, Masterton.

Gary Pickering Funerals is a family business that has been operating since Helen (Pickering) and I established it on 24th August 2010 on its present site on the corner of Waltons Avenue and High Street in Kuripuni Masterton.


Gary Pickering Funerals is a member of New Zealand Independent Funeral Homes.

All NZIFH Funeral Homes are independently family-owned and operated, with no overseas or corporate connections. When engaging the services of a NZIFH Funeral Home, you will receive caring, personal service from experienced Funeral Directors. NZIFH Funeral Homes support on-going professional development for their staff, and are training-subscribers to the Funeral Services Training Trust (FSTT).


Gary Pickering Funerals is a member of New Zealand Embalmers Association

In New Zealand culture, when someone dies, we need to say goodbye. That farewell may take many forms – a funeral service, a Tangihanga, a wake, a quiet gathering of friends. When this happens, many of the people closely involved find it very helpful to spend time saying goodbye. By viewing the person’s body that looks at peace and natural has been shown to have the most benefit when mourning the loss of someone close.


The Lily

We use the lily as our symbol because it is the flower of love and represents love.

Whilst often associated with weddings and funerals, it is not a flower of death but is a symbol of love, for the deceased and for each other.


Gary Pickering

Gary has over thirty years’ experience as a funeral director, first being employed by the Whanganui funeral company of Dempsey and Forrest.

Adelaide Percy

As the Wairarapa’s youngest funeral director Adelaide brings a fresh approach and passion to Gary Pickering Funerals. Adelaide is also a qualified embalmer.